Getting HaxeFlixel up and running on Linux


Hello, friends.  Today, Sam and I went through the arduous process of getting your Linux environment set up to build Haxeflixel projects.  At this point I have given up bloggin’ forever.  <Insert Sam’s editing here>

Sam – Hi readers, today Ben and I went through the hard work of getting Haxe to work on Linux. To be honest, it was pretty easy once we tried installing it on Ubuntu. Ubuntu already has a PPA, so you can find all your updates via update center. Follow these instructions to get your Haxeflixel build. Later I hope to make a Debian guide.

First we need to install Haxe if you haven’t already.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eyecreate/haxe
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install haxe

Next we need to check our haxe version.

$ haxe

As of Feb. 21, 2014 — you’re going to need 3.xx for lime. This is required for HaxeFlixel.

Next you need to install openfl.

$ sudo haxelib install lime
$ haxelib run lime setup
$ sudo lime install openfl
$ sudo haxelib install openfl-tools]
$ sudo haxelib install haxeflixel

Concerning what you need, you can find more information here.

Finally we need to text our first demo to see if it works. Click on the link to download your demo from GitHub.

$ cd [file]
$llime test "[.xml]" linux$ cd [location of file]

If you’re having troubles yet, take out an individual folder (such as FlxInvaders) and “cd” it. Your terminal will then flash a bunch of text at you. This is it compiling. Your result should be this.

flxworkIf this fails, you probably need g++

$ sudo apt-get install g++