A Book A Day: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Wasn’t quite my age level. This is a book for old people…about old people stuff. Memories. Grief. Regrets. Finding joy in the last couple years. I can’t relate. To me, it was just depressing. 


A Book A Day: The Ocean At the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Absolutely phenomenal! I had no idea what I was getting into with this one. Reading this book in one sitting is the best way to do it.  Before too long I realized that I was reading a horror … at night. But I stuck through it, and at the end I realized what the entire book was ACTUALLY about. I’m still thinking about it days later! Gaiman fills this book to the max with both symbolism and the wonder of our actual real-life reality. Loved it!!

A Book A Day 7, 8, 9: The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

NOOOOO why did I finish it!! when is the next one going to be written?!??? *puppy eyes* it was so. good.
why was it good? a hero who is a flawless shy hottie. a robot side kick. good morals about the worth of rural living and relationships. an endless adventure. the only “bad guy” wasnt even bad, just misunderstood. talk about a true feel good book. :) just what I needed this weekend.

(update: the next book HAS been written. it is called  “The Long War” …. meh not going to take my chances with something that has “war” in the title)

A Book A Day 6: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

first of all, I’m getting the idea that I should research before reading… I’d hoped for a light hearted science fiction and I got … THIS….a psychopath murderer/rapist…. ehhhh… where to begin… I’m impressed at the author’s 360 idea… I’ve never seen it done before. basically he presented an idea (morality in this case) and battled on one side of the fight only to switch to the other side of the argument at the very end. I wasn’t as impressed as some, because I was always on the other side of the argument (against the authors initial cries)… so I think MOST people reading would be profoundly changed by the end…twisted inside and suddenly brought to the Light… but I was like…“well yeah duh… of course feeling emotion and pain at the sight of evil is something GOOD! and of course the psychopath was cured when he felt that pain and finally understood what normal people feel.” …. so basically the whole book was boring to me. I was too mature for it. I think if all the murder and rape was edited out into something less gruesome, i’d be a fair book for a highschool english class.

A Book A Day 5: Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

this said comedy on the cover…. I should’ve listened more closely in English class when the teachers said that the only requirements of comedy is a death at the beginning and a marriage within. I should. have. listened. because THIS is far from comedy it is the moanings and groanings of Mr Debby Downer Chekhov . :( I quote “others are born and they eat drink sleep and die and in order not to go totally numb with boredom they brighten their lives with gossip, vodka, gambling, and intrigue. The wives cheat on their husbands and the husbands lie and pretend they dont see it, pretend they dont hear it, and this mind boggling vulgarity inevitably crushes the children, completely quenching any spark they might have in them until the children become the same interchangeable zombies as their mothers and fathers.” yup.. that sums up the entire book/play … :(

A Book A Day 4: The Red Pony by John Steinbeck

I thought the last few books were depressing but this one makes them all look like silly fairy tales. Really Mr John Steinbeck?? Did you really have to pack a short hundred pages with saddness after saddness??? What the hell is your problem!!! fucking sadist!!! I couldn’t read certain parts word for word because I would’ve had to vomit multiple times. This should be renamed “How young sweet loving innocent boys become cold hearted detatched silent abusive fathers “ I’m always hesitant when it comes to novels set in rural america, because it brings back a few trauma’s of my own childhood, so I expected to read death…. I did NOT expect to have every possible childhood trauma packed into one poor fictional kid’s life. I mean I suppose it’s REALITY for quite a few unfornuate children…. but I prefer not to think of it. Moral of this story: 1. never read another Steinbeck. 2. Bad things happen…..*sigh* (I’m ashamed to admit that if I were the boy, I may have commit suicide) ….so …. bad things happen…make sure theres something to keep a spark of life or love of joy inside of you even when all else is taken away in the most brutal way.

A Book A Day –books 1 – 3

DAY 1 : Second Variety by Philip K Dick

This is totally the basis of quite a few science fiction movies/tv shows. Moral of the story… war is evil.


DAY TWO : 2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

(yes I know it’s a short story… but what’s important is getting in the habit of one “book” a day)

unbelievable anger. I wanted to shout out FUCK YOU so many times but Mae was there sitting at her desk. When I tears streamed down my face and I cried loudly and uncontrollably. Mae kept saying “stop reading!” but I had to finish. Moral of the story: the circle of life is a blessing.


DAY 3: The Death of Ivan Ilyitch by Leo Tolstoy


gloom and doom…. *sigh* life is short. YOLO
moral of the story: dont live by societies standards, dont become a work-a-holic, never marry someone you dont love, because it will hurt both of you, and finally for goodness sake DONT FALL OFF OF A LADDER WHILE DECORATING THE HOUSE! *giggle*