Are you living near me? IF YES GO TO MENTORING PROGRAM

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What is this mentoring program, you ask? It’s the mentoring program for budding programmers or those who simply want to do stuff in town. So if you live near me (and you know if you do), then please take a gander at this particular program. All meetings will be at my house. So I’ll make sure it’s all fun and fresh. And also, this is a chance to follow your dreams.


Mentoring Program 2014-15

Proposed, March 2014


  • Be a lasting resource to the Student Game Developers.

  • Understand the concepts of program design, development, and security.

  • Pick a language to excel with and share your knowledge.

  • Mentor a junior programmer, particularly in your language specialty.

  • Be a lead programmer in projects.

  • Create awareness of issues in Computer Science and game design.

  • Create open-source programs.


  • Attend summer meetings.

  • Uphold a position on the mentor assembly.

    • (President, Secretary, Robert Rules Expert, Email Admin, Book-holder)

    • (If more mentors are available, mentors may share responsibilities (via “Junior” or “Senior”))

  • Read open-source book: Think Python How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

  • Subscribe to emailing list or forum (determined at the beginning of the summer)

  • Either

    • Choose software in graphic design to master:

      • Blender

      • etc.

    • Pick a language to excel in. We are in need of:

      • Java

      • etc.

How to Specialize in Languages:

  • Read handbook(s) during summer meetings and report progress.

  • Provide source code of exercises done.

  • Provide tutorials and lectures for teams and general group.

  • Failure to meet these requirements may lead to expulsion.