Adopt a Sloth Project: Compiling Success, Amelia Joins the Team


It’s week two, and Ben and I have worked on the building for Haxe. Soon to come will be a tutorial on how to get Haxe to run on your favorite Linux machine. As of now, Ben and I are working on compiling, talking about future plans, languages, and working with new builds. Right now we’re researching quite a bit. So don’t be surprised if you see some random tutorials. But besides that, Amelia joined the team last week and is working on a better background for the project. She has designed an alpha version of what she plans to do.

1966846_10153915536245294_2084640161_nWe know now that the resolution for the app is 480×320. This was considered “ideal” by our lead designer Ben (photo at top). The background of the main overworld (where your sloth will be selectable and interacting with other sloths) will be displayed here. In this area you will also be able to move your sloth, go to the sanctuary, and as other game modes are added, newer things will be available here too.


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