Adopt a Sloth Project: “TeamSloth”


A good friend of mine Ben and I are developing a really neat game called “Adopt a Sloth.” Players will be able to take care of an adoptable sloth in a virtual sloth sanctuary. Every sloth is customized via a randomized algorithm that is inspired by real DNA theory. I’m not going to give away too many secrets, but every sloth should be remarkably different from each other, making each sloth you adopt totally different from anyone else’s. With adoption another main feature will be your sloth’s stats that indicates its hunger, thirst, sleep, “speed,” and beauty. You can increase these stats through breeding and mini-games, which will be implemented in later releases of the game. Your sloth will also grow as time passes. While it grows, more customization options should become available. In the first release, you should be able to adopt your sloth, name it, feed it, and watch it grow into an adult sloth. More features such as adopting your friends (as sloths), sloth boots, RPG elements, various income methods, and mini-games are also in the making but probably won’t be available until the next installment of the published game. More information about the games development will be posted here, so please check back with us later in the year for download information, screen shots, and other goodies.


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