Your Tax Money Supports Socialistic Football

Gary Gutting from Notre Dame speaks on NPR about his article concerning the state of Humanities in America. His argument is that because of our society doesn’t value the Humanities as it could, we put that value into different things and then argue that the Humanities hold no economic value. But it could. If more people would realize that the Humanities can produce personal achievement in labor or entertainment, the Humanities can be invested into.

It shouldn’t surprise you he believes there isn’t enough support for the Humanities in America. He also says a lot of support our universities used to have is now being taken away, but instead of going into the general economy, instead, it is put into different programs such as the “socialistic” system of sports; which is a clever retort:

“Despite our general preference for capitalism, our support for sports is essentially socialist, with local and state governments providing enormous support for professional teams.”

“To cite just one striking example, the Minnesota State Legislature recently appropriated over $500 million to help build the Vikings a new stadium. At the same time, the Minnesota Orchestra is close to financial disaster because it can’t erase a $6 million deficit. Over all, taxpayer money provides more than a billion dollars annually in tax exemptions and stadium subsidies for N.F.L. teams.”


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