A Book A Day 6: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

first of all, I’m getting the idea that I should research before reading… I’d hoped for a light hearted science fiction and I got … THIS….a psychopath murderer/rapist…. ehhhh… where to begin… I’m impressed at the author’s 360 idea… I’ve never seen it done before. basically he presented an idea (morality in this case) and battled on one side of the fight only to switch to the other side of the argument at the very end. I wasn’t as impressed as some, because I was always on the other side of the argument (against the authors initial cries)… so I think MOST people reading would be profoundly changed by the end…twisted inside and suddenly brought to the Light… but I was like…“well yeah duh… of course feeling emotion and pain at the sight of evil is something GOOD! and of course the psychopath was cured when he felt that pain and finally understood what normal people feel.” …. so basically the whole book was boring to me. I was too mature for it. I think if all the murder and rape was edited out into something less gruesome, i’d be a fair book for a highschool english class.


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