A Book A Day 5: Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

this said comedy on the cover…. I should’ve listened more closely in English class when the teachers said that the only requirements of comedy is a death at the beginning and a marriage within. I should. have. listened. because THIS is far from comedy it is the moanings and groanings of Mr Debby Downer Chekhov . :( I quote “others are born and they eat drink sleep and die and in order not to go totally numb with boredom they brighten their lives with gossip, vodka, gambling, and intrigue. The wives cheat on their husbands and the husbands lie and pretend they dont see it, pretend they dont hear it, and this mind boggling vulgarity inevitably crushes the children, completely quenching any spark they might have in them until the children become the same interchangeable zombies as their mothers and fathers.” yup.. that sums up the entire book/play … :(


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