A Book A Day 4: The Red Pony by John Steinbeck

I thought the last few books were depressing but this one makes them all look like silly fairy tales. Really Mr John Steinbeck?? Did you really have to pack a short hundred pages with saddness after saddness??? What the hell is your problem!!! fucking sadist!!! I couldn’t read certain parts word for word because I would’ve had to vomit multiple times. This should be renamed “How young sweet loving innocent boys become cold hearted detatched silent abusive fathers “ I’m always hesitant when it comes to novels set in rural america, because it brings back a few trauma’s of my own childhood, so I expected to read death…. I did NOT expect to have every possible childhood trauma packed into one poor fictional kid’s life. I mean I suppose it’s REALITY for quite a few unfornuate children…. but I prefer not to think of it. Moral of this story: 1. never read another Steinbeck. 2. Bad things happen…..*sigh* (I’m ashamed to admit that if I were the boy, I may have commit suicide) ….so …. bad things happen…make sure theres something to keep a spark of life or love of joy inside of you even when all else is taken away in the most brutal way.


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