Four Reasons that Ubuntu Is for College Students who Use Windows

Are you a Windows user and a budding linguist?  Whether you’re studying Russian, French, Spanish, German, English, etc. there is an operating system that will allow you to switch languages easily and effectively.  Here’s my plea to you to consider dual-booting with Ubuntu along with four strong bullet points on why Ubuntu — rather any other operating system — would make the ideal OS for anyone learning language or formally studying it in college to go on into a professional field of linguistics, etc.


1. Ubuntu works on many different computers.

Whether that be a desktop, a laptop, a netbook, a Chromebook, an iMac, Macbook, Mac Air, etc. Ubuntu should be able to work on your system.  And you can keep your old operating system.  There’s no reason to give up anything, and you can keep all the features Ubuntu has to offer by dual-booting.

2. Ubuntu can switch from one language to another like you can in Facebook.

Are you familiar with how Facebook switches languages?  Many of us are familiar with pirate language.  You just go to your settings and change language to pirate.  Suddenly everything appears in some sort of goofy pirate speak.  You can do this with other languages too.  Soon you’re a linguist master who’s very familiar with different words of different languages that mean “friends” or “profile.”  With Ubuntu you can do the same thing, except with your entire desktop.  Want to make all your applications French?  This is done easily with a few clicks.  Just check out the tutorial above.

3. Need to type in a certain language?  There’s an Ubuntu keyboard for that.

Ubuntu has so many communities contributing to it that there are hundreds of volunteers offering translations and resources for the end user.  Ubuntu makes it easy to switch from one keyboard to another.  In upcoming updates, Ubuntu has made it even easier for you to switch your keyboard.  There will only be more and more support to come.  Why not make the switch?

4. Listen to international music.

So your teacher wants you to listen to more foreign speakers.  Don’t make it a chore.  Listen to radio through the wonderful Radio Tray available for only Ubuntu and Debian.

You can download Ubuntu at its official website.  If you are planning to dual boot, I suggest you get the latest LTS version.  LTS is the most stable version that has fewer bugs than the newest version, and it is also built to last a lot longer.

Screenshot credit goes towards Jacob Johan Edwards.


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